Meet the Manufacturer.

MOLLY BLOOM garments are created in partnership with J.J. Nel Productions, a specialized New York City-based apparel production company started by Nelson Valladolid. We sat down with Nelson to talk about his history in the industry, what makes him proud, and more.



MB: When and why did you start working in the manufacturing industry?

NV: I came to New York City at 18 years old from Ecuador and took night classes at FIT while working in apparel factories. My mother had a small factory operation making custom dresses and I began to learn from her. I thought I would be an architect or engineer, but clothing manufacturing is a lot of the same skills—it’s all about numbers and measurements. I like that you get a piece of material, transfer it into a garment and see the results immediately.

MB: When did you start JJ Nel Productions?

NV: About 17 years ago. We do it all—pattern making, cutting, samples, sewing, pressing, and finishing. I have between seven and 10 employees, and most of them have  been with me for over 10 years, it’s like a family. I want everyone to feel comfortable. We do so many different kinds of garments, so no one gets bored.

MB: What part of your business makes you proudest?

NV: I feel proudest helping young designers and walk them through what they need for production. We aren’t afraid of any project and we make sure to get everything done on the customer’s schedule.