Molly Bloom was founded in 2022 as a line of one-piece garments championing individualism, sustainability, and inclusivity.

In creating her eponymous collection, Bloom draws on a multifaceted background in the fashion industry which includes experience in runway, design, development, and production. Her time in menswear particularly informs her design and sourcing philosophies of prioritizing thoughtful fabrication and utility while carefully selecting mills and manufacturing partners. 

A chance encounter with a 1930’s Women Airforce Service Pilot jumpsuit at a vintage shop in Chattanooga, TN set Bloom on a path towards exploring the versatility of such a piece. With added inspiration from Bauhaus architectural principles, Molly Bloom jumpsuits are designed to impeccably fit a range of body types and become daily uniforms for any occasion and lifestage. 

The brand’s signature colors, red and white, juxtapose a hue often associated with vigor, courage, and passion with one symbolizing new beginnings and peace. They’re also a combination Bloom surrounds herself through art, interior design, and clothing. 

Molly Bloom jumpsuits are designed and manufactured in New York, U.S.A.


The Financial Times: How to Spend It

Written by Leah Bhabha: "For designer Molly Bloom, who is based in Lewiston, New York State, a single encounter with a jumpsuit clarified her point of view. In 2015, she purchased a 1930s one-piece Women Airforce Service Pilot uniform at a thrift shop in Tennessee. The vintage garment was sturdy yet comfortable, and fit its new wearer perfectly. “That jumpsuit set the course for me to rethink collections with focus and simplicity,” she says. Later this year, Bloom will launch a line of men’s and women’s jumpsuits, which she sees as “a uniform for hard-workers”. She is prioritising fit and size inclusivity – instead of basing her women’s prototype on the ready-to-wear standard of a US 2 or 4, she’ll use an 8. “To me, a jumpsuit replaces the suit and, like a suit, it should fit impeccably,” the designer adds.