Molly Bloom is an ever-evolving lifestyle brand.

Our first designs were undyed cotton jumpsuits - a sort of clean slate in order to focus and execute a long list of to-do's, without the worry of dressing.

We believe the best idea comes last, and often the process in finding inspiration and solutions to an idea yield the most exciting results.

Similar to the philosophy of style in how we dress, it is important that aesthetic is balanced with functionality, modernity is met with nostalgia, boldness exists only with comfort, and materials are of natural fibers that are pleasing to both the eye and touch.

With this, we believe the world is our canvas, and we can't wait to paint.

 “To me, a jumpsuit replaces the suit. Like a suit, a jumpsuit should fit impeccably.”

Molly Bloom, The Finacial Times


The Hummus Bucket Bag ticks about every box for us: it has bows, it has pockets, it has an illustrated recipe for hummus printed on it in case you forget, it transitions easily from day to night, and it's light weight. Also, it's a work of literal art. 



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The Philosophy of Material Sourcing

Parts of a Jumpsuit.

Meet the Manufacturer